QUBIC - Business center


Business center

QUBIC is a business center with a distinctive and innovative design.

Situated on the axis between Lebanon’s Metn region, the international Damascus Highway and the Beirut Central District location, the center is an authentic fusion of the full-service business world in one venue. It serves the purpose of several businesses, industries and a wide range of professionals and commercial enterprises with some of the most state-of-the-art facilities and amenities required in modern-day commerce. In today's fast and innovative real estate business world, branding and design became vital to successfully market the project and attract customers and investors.

Blackink successfully designed and created QUBIC's full brand identity, from Logo, brochure, signage to online presence through an innovative website.


01. 3D project perspective

02. Logo - concept & design

03. Brochure cover design

04. Cover - printing finish

05. BROCHURE - inside spread

06. BROCHURE - inside spread

07. BROCHURE - inside spread

08. BROCHURE - inside spread

09. BROCHURE - inside spread

10. Website