Brand Strategy & Design

Fitness Club

THIRD DIMENSION/D3 is not just another fitness club, but a place to encourage health and create a supportive community in all aspects of the customer’s life.??

D3 is on a mission to create an environment where the work/play balance gets fused into a state of mind where every person can celebrate, appreciate and focus on their individuality. Self-development, self- awareness, and self-actualization can only happen in the right environment and with the right resources.


Blackink engaged to help the client establish strong brand awareness and recognition for the gym, ensuring it really stands out so that it attracts future franchisees and buyers.

A strategy workshop was held with key members of D3 to discuss the gym’s goals, values, culture and market positioning.

A Brand Strategy was put in motion and translated into a fully-fledged brand identity;

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Gym Collaterals
  • Communication 


01. Logo Concept & Design

02. Stationery Design

03. Gym Collaterals

04. Environmental Branding

05. Communication & Messaging system

06. Gym Collaterals

07. Gym Collaterals

08. Gym Collaterals

09. Brand Guidelines Booklet