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Full Brand Identity Development

Fashionable Eyewear

C&R provides stylish and well-designed eyewear that is sustainable and ethical according to global standards. When you put on one of our glasses, like a superhero cape or doctor’s coat, there is a transformation in identity - inside as well as out - symbolizing your role and stance, what you believe in, fight for, strive to change. 

With the advent of “fast fashion’, the amount of waste and energy has amplified, which is why C&R is on a mission to inspire a movement, in our society as well as the global eyewear industry.

"We want to want leading brands and manufacturers to reevaluate the materials and processes they use, and see how a new generation of consumers are joyfully supporting fair- trade, cruelty-free and sustainable."


Blackink collaborated closely with the entrepreneurs helping them align their vision and translate it into a coherent Brand strategy and image, in which we then implemented into a list of Branding and packaging collaterals;

• Brand Strategy

• Visual Concept & Design direction

• Logo Concept & Design

• Stationery Design

• Packaging Design

• Advertising Concept development

+ Shooting & Brand Guidelines


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