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Its in our Nature

After decades of occupation, the historic Jezzine region of Lebanon was finally vacated by armed forces and returned under Lebanon’s sovereignty, yet it faced serious challenges because not only had many inhabitants moved away but the perception of the area was regarded with caution, nervousness, and even sadness. On top of that, there was a steady brain-drain due to a young population moving to larger cities which left the region sparsely populated and primarily inhabited by an aging agricultural community.

A consortium made up of The Union of Municipalities of Jezzine, which encompasses the 45 towns and villages that make up the region, along with USAID and DAI joined forces with Blackink to jumpstart the region with a compelling tourism positioning campaign aimed to attract crowds within the context of agro- and eco-tourism.



  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Tagline creation
  • Visual Identity Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Tourism Printed Collaterals
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Tourism Video Script

Watch the Promotional Video:

Photography & Videography: Charbel Bouez

01. Logo concept & design

02. Tagline

03. Stationery Design

04. Tourist Guidebooks / Explore - Escape - Experience

05. Brochure Cover Design

06. Postcards

07. Advertising

08. Touristic Maps

09. Branded Collaterals

10. Website Concept & Design

11. Poster Design

12. TVC - Storyboard and Script Writing

13. Tourism Office in Jezzine

14. Workshops

15. Behind the Scenes

16. Behind the Scenes

17. Photo Library

18. Photo Library

19. Launch Event

20. Launch Event