Get to know us

BlackInk (BI) is a strategic branding consultancy focused on creating and nurturing brands that inspire loyalty, command recognition and create tangible financial value. Since 2006, we have been empowering visionaries to thrive, turning their aspirations into successful businesses.

We work with businesses at every stage of development; from funded startups who are creating a brand and shaping a culture, to established organizations that need to take their business into the future. We have a purposeful approach to our work that focuses on designing unique and holistic brand experiences.
By understanding the brand, business objectives and what your audience truly wants and needs, we aim to create extraordinary value for our clients.

Why work with Us

+ We’re business-minded designers, not opinionated artists!
We are a team of professionals that truly understand the financial impact and value of branding. We won’t go on about how “design” will save the world, and how pretty colors and pictures make or break your business. We find those designers ridiculous, quite frankly! We focus on profit, market value and the future of your business.

+ Your success is our success
We genuinely care about your success, designing with your business in mind, its health, people, services and its growth. We aim to establish long-term relationships with clients, ultimately becoming an essential part of their Brand DNA because if you succeed, we look good!

+ Bridging cultures breeds endless possibilities
We are a rare breed of agency that organically produces fully trilingual work in English, Arabic, and French, creating layers of messaging that resonate with a variety of audiences with different lifestyles, cultures, and nationalities.


our work

BlackInk's portfolio is exceptionally diverse. Our list of references includes business establishments from a vast range of sectors/industries. We seek to complement the full scope of our partners' creative needs and, ultimately, guide them to success.